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cliche_bingo's Journal

Cliche Bingo
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If a story's worth telling, it's worth telling a lot.
Cliche Bingo is a challenge based on the Kink Bingo challenge run by thingswithwings and eruthros. The rules, FAQ and posting guidelines have been adapted (read: shamelessly lifted almost verbatim) from Kink Bingo, and are used gratefully and with acknowledgement to the Kink Bingo Mods.

What is Cliché Bingo?

Come closer, young one, and I will tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was Kink Bingo, organized by thingswithwings and eruthros, and many people wrote fine and very kinky fic for it, and all were pleased.

Then svmadelyn said, This Kink Bingo is a fine endeavor! But, lo, would Cliché Bingo not also be fine? And then she wept bitterly, for she was sore occupied organizing many other challenges, including not one but two Big Bangs, and did not have the time for yet another. She wept and rent her clothing (well, maybe she did: I wasn't actually there to see, so maybe there wasn't any torn clothing or anything. But she did make an LJ post about it, which is practically the same thing.) Who will take on the mighty task of organizing Cliché Bingo? she cried out. What champion?

I shall! cried rheanna27. But alas, I have not the Mad Graphics Skillz to make the bingo cards and, also, I would have to make sure thingswithwings and eruthros didn't mind someone else using their format.

And then sholio offered to help out with the graphics, and thingswithwings and eruthros said, yeah, that was fine with them, and thus Cliché Bingo was born, and all were happy.

The End

No, Wait! Actually, Just the Beginning!
(Or: The Rules, as shamelessly lifted from Kink Bingo.)

Clichés. We love 'em. Bodyswap, genderswap, telepathy, amnesia, Aliens Made Them Do It, Fuck or Die, Hypothermia, alternate universes -- in fandom, if a story's worth telling, it's worth telling many, many times.

And so we bring you Cliché Bingo. The aim is twofold: firstly, to bring more cliché fic into the world (because you can never have enough bodyswap stories) and, secondly, to encourage people to look again at well-worn clichés, and maybe think of fresh new twists on them.

This is the first ever round of Cliché Bingo. The challenge works in very much the same way as Kink Bingo, with a few minor differences. When you sign up, you will get a five-by-five bingo card with 24 prompts and a blank 'wildcard' square in the centre. The prompts on your card are drawn at random from the Big List Of Clichés. The clichés have been divided into approximate thematic categories, making it easier to make sure everyone gets a wide mixture of clichés, ranging from the ever-popular Alternate Universes, Telepathy and Time Travel to the slightier crackier Wingfic, Taxes and Elves.

You then have until August 31, when this round of Cliché Bingo will close, to earn points by writing fic (anything over 500 words) or creating fanart or making vids or vidlets for some or all of the squares on your card. You can stick to one fandom or write a different fandom for each prompt. You can write gen, het, slash or all three. The ways to score a bingo on your card are as follows:

All 24 prompts plus the centre wild card square - a bingo blackout
a horizontal, vertical or diagonal straight line - a bingo
both diagonals at once, making an X - a bingo

Once you've scored one of the above bingos on your card, you can ask for a new card, or go on to use the same card to score extra points, like so:

Postage stamp - one fic incorporating four prompts from any one corner of your card
Simultaneous double lines - fics incorporating pairs of adjoining prompts across or down two lines on the card

You can still post fics after August 31, but points won't be recorded after that date.

There are no current plans to award prizes, unless you count the warm glowy feeling you get from getting a particularly high score. However, if you'd like to contribute a small prize to the pot -- graphics would be particularly welcome -- feel free to email me at clichebingo AT gmail DOT com.

To sign up for a card, go here.

**Edited 23 June: Please note that due to the unexpectedly high level of interest, sign ups for this year's Cliche Bingo are now closed. Apologies for not being able to accommodate everyone who asked for a card - please feel free to play next year!**

For the Rules and FAQ, go here.

For an explanation of the points and scoring system, and posting template, go here.